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ATALIA was launched in February 1987 as an international sales hub for European design furniture, offering its clients, on the one hand, comprehensive procurement services, including consulting, information, documentation and logistics and, on the other hand, meeting the needs of furniture manufacturers, by extending their reach into channels and markets to which they were not exposed.

From the beginning ATALIA was mainly focused on the markets of the Far East, especially Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Then, following strong market leads, we started selling into Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and China. All these countries have been and still are very enthusiastic importers of the best in European quality furniture.


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Founder & Chief Executive Officer for Atalia srl, since 1987.

Atalia, founded in February 1987, was born from the idea of bringing the Italian products and brands of the made in Italy furniture industry to the emerging markets of South East Asia.

I was born in Brianza, the historic headquarters of the most important Italian furniture companies and, after a long working experience for a group of local artisan companies, I decided to travel to promote these products on the markets I had identified.

In 2000 I decided to dedicate my activity of representation only to Minotti SpA, following the development of new markets especially in China, which has become the main importer of modern furniture made in Italy.

So I moved permanently to Bangkok leaving the main office in Italy active.



Atalia srl is founded in Italy by Antonio Marelli




Antonio Marelli moved to Bangkok


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Atalia (Thailand) is founded in Bangkok



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Atalia opens a new store in the city of Como

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We are now providing a broader range of services to our customers, by advising and supporting them in all aspects of the selection, ordering, promotion and sale of the furniture brands that we represent. Whether our commercial customers wish to launch a new retail operation or whether they already own an established business, whether they want to represent a single brand or multiple brands, we are there to help them succeed.

Clever companies plan for the future. Early in 2013 was a time when it also became clear to us that we needed to find a new direction for the future of our business.

The Asian markets are booming but they are also becoming more demanding and selective. Also, the sales environment for certain products constitutes a rather tough challenge. Some markets and products became fault-lines for our sales and identifying them appeared to us the logical way to avoid a deterioration of our growth.

We were thus prompted to undertake a review of our business activities, the trends in the Asian markets and the relationships we had with the brands in our commercial portfolio.


Our review revealed the importance that Minotti has for our business. The company is in a league of its own. It expresses, in every piece, its meticulous standards of elegance and workmanship as well as its profound understanding of clean design and excellent materials. The supreme beauty of its collections has made its mark in the worldwide furniture markets. Today we appreciate Minotti as a cultural monument rather than a simple brand. Besides, Minotti offers us very promising business opportunities for the future.

We have therefore decided that, from now on, we will focus strongly on Minotti as our flagship brand in the Asian markets. We will at the same time be disconnecting from most other suppliers in our modern brands portfolio. On the other hand, we will take up a number of new brands that are complementary for the lighting, presentation and decoration of Minotti showrooms and collections across Asia.

Personal commitment, rich experience and skills, together with the exceptional quality and beauty of the products we sell, are the basic ingredients that have made ATALIA the successful enterprise it is today. With those ingredients we have built up the people, the professionalism, and the infrastructure needed to offer our clients a personalised furniture procurement and consulting service second to none.